Friday, September 7, 2012

It is trying to rain again, we get more rain than Kansas...seems strange.  Work at the store is going well. Jenny (the boss) is my strength, we seem to do so well together, don't know what I would do if she left.   My other strength is my youngest daughter Rebecca.  Our strength is in each other.  Life is so strange, never imagined it would be this way.  My worst nightmare came to life when my son was killed.  I had prayed all my life that God would keep my children safe.  Don't know how to pray anymore.  It is like when I say how smooth things are running and then all hell breaks loose.  It is as though I brought this on myself, by I try to be cautious and not pray.  I am just waiting for the loss of life to be bearable.  Talking with one lady who lost her son 15 years ago, also in a motorcycle accident, she goes to visit the cemetery before and after work.  I know you never get over this.  I just have to go on, am trying.  To help Rebecca I have planted flowers and we have lots of bird feeders.  She is starting to enjoy watching her kitties watch the birds.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I have never been a person who wears shoes all the time, particularly in the home.  I live with my youngest daughter and her husband now in Mesa, Az. and work at UPS store 4990 in Scottsdale. Rebecca has 4 kitties who are great scorpion the home.  The three of us were visiting in the living room and playing with the kids.  I am relaxed in Jerry's chair.  I happened to look down where baby Boo and Esme are playing, when i realize a rather large scorpion is tearing across the rug.  Boo being curious is trying to check it out, while it is trying to attach itself to her.  Did you realize cats are not allergic to scorpions?  I yell "SCORPION, SCORPION, SCORPION" and quickly raise my feet off the floor.  Brandon came and squished him, flushing it down the toilet.  Okay, from now on I wear my shoes in the house.  AT ALL TIMES!  Except this morn when I had to go to the bathroom and wasn't awake until I was IN the bathroom.