Sunday, September 20, 2009

These are my new Christmas cards for a class coming up in October. They were a lot of fun. Love little Popcorn bear. He reminds me of my third daughters Fisher Price Freddy Bear, she is waiting on #3 son (due in Nov.). So far she hasn't given her newest Freddy to either of her other boys. New Freddy has hair unlike his fellow shelf sitter Old Freddy. Freddy was a well traveled guy. He had gone to Italy, seen the Pope in Colo, etc. Unfortunately he did not get to go on her honeymoon...and no longer gets to sleep in THE bed. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Have to run the cards to the shop. Decided to scan them first. Two of my Halloween cards walked out the door long before the class, and we hadn't scanned them. I make so many cards, it was hard to remember what they looked like. One customer came in and reminded me, there was green stitched ribbon on the Pumpkin. Thanks Dee. Appreciated that.

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