Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I have joined a new group that I believe might help me, called Find Your Voice... It sounds like therapy, or could be, plus a lot of fun.
Life has changed, it always  does.  My daughter Rebecca is better, I still have major issues and  probably always will, but perhaps using creativity, will bring me to a better place.  My daughters in Kansas are having trouble with me staying in Arizona, as "we always had you".  That is true, but sometimes, people need to be elsewhere for their own good.  I miss my grandchildren, but with Skype and FaceTime, it shouldn't be so hard on them.  My granddaughter and her 1year old son, Bronson were here for two months, living with us.  It was so wonderful, coming home from work, and a little one, smiling, laughing, and running to give hugs and kisses, we all miss that.  The house is a lot cleaner and organized, but...
I  so want to create again.

Put my newest card in a special place, but not where I thought, will post  pictures soon.

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